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Suite of Innovative APIs and SDKs for Your Mapping Needs

Deliver a superior navigation experience to your users with NextBillion.ai's advanced navigation solutions, featuring real-time traffic updates and intuitive routing algorithms.
  • Directions
  • Distance Matrix
  • Snap to Roads
  • Navigation
  • Isochrone
  • Road Editor

  • Navigation SDK

Directions API

The API calculates the most optimal route between two points and provides segment-wise information like distance, duration, geometry of returned route, etc.

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  1. Set various traveling modes (car or truck) for accurate routing information.
  2. Add waypoints or avoid tolls & highways along the route to customize the journey further.
  3. Set departure time to plan your routes in advance.
  4. Produces turn-by-turn instructions that can provide accurate guidance to the end users, ensuring they reach their destination with ease.

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API is designed to make it easy for businesses and developers to calculate distances and ETAs between a set of origins and destinations.

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  1. Efficiently generate travel time and distance data for multiple locations at once, including one-to-many or many-to-many scenarios.
  2. Get accurate ETAs and distances for different driving modes (car or truck) and intelligent traffic considerations.
  3. Take care of all your routing calculations with a 1000 X 1000 origin-destination matrix.

Snap to Roads API

The API takes a series of locations and snaps them to the best-matched roads connecting all given locations. It is designed to help you trace routes and travel paths taken.

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  1. Define various parameters like timestamps or snap radius to optimize the result.
  2. Determine accurate route distance along with information about road segments like bearing, geometry etc.
  3. The API can help in analysis and optimization of travel preferences and gather accurate data for mileage reimbursement or billing purposes.

Navigation API

Navigation API provides accurate routes and turn-by-turn instructions for users' destinations. With its high accuracy and reliability, users can easily find their way around unfamiliar areas and optimize their travel routes to reduce travel time and improve overall efficiency.

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  1. Leverage customizable options such as driving mode, alternate routes, waypoints, and more to suit your specific needs.
  2. Optimize routes based on various criteria such as the choice of fastest or shortest route, avoiding tolls or highways, departure time, and more.
  3. Integrated Navigation API into your apps or use with Nextbillion.ai's Navigation SDK for a complete turn-by-turn navigation experience.

Isochrone API

Isochrone API helps businesses and developers visualize areas that are reachable within a specific amount of time or distance from a particular location.

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  1. Get both time-based and distance-based contours.
  2. Easily display the contours on a map as polygons or lines.
  3. Use this API for site selection, logistics planning, or real estate analysis among other applications.

Road Editor API

The Road Editor API is an innovative tool that allows users to set up a range of restrictions on their maps, improving the navigation experience for various travel modes.

  1. Easily create and manage your map restrictions which can be used for custom routing results.
  2. Leverage a range of restrictions like speed limitations, turn restrictions, road closures, and others to tailor your routing experience accurately.
  3. Set up both time-dependent or recurring restrictions to overcome one-time, weekly, and monthly restrictions in your area

Navigation SDK

Navigation SDK provide developers with pre-built components and libraries that can be used to quickly and easily integrate navigation features into their applications.

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  1. Get accurate and real-time navigation guidance for various travel modes with the ability to adapt to traffic conditions and route changes.
  2. Customize the maps to fit the unique needs of your application with options like custom markers, overlays, and custom styling.
  3. Integrate your business services to the SDK such as ride-sharing or public transit to provide a seamless navigation experience.